An Object and a Collection

Foto: Klemen Ilovar

MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design

Rusjanov trg 7
1000 Ljubljana


Di - So 10:00 - 18:00

The Museum of Architecture and Design maintains a valuable and extensive collection of objects related to architecture, design and photography of the 20th and 21st centuries. The collections represent a relevant selection of objects, projects and documents that have shaped and co-create, still today, our everyday lives. These collections serve as sources of inspiration, ideas, concepts, even provocation for an array of researchers, and through their display they speak to a far wider audience.

The exhibition is comprised of more than 200 exhibits representing both icons of Slovenian architecture and design as well as transitory products and objects presented to the public for the first time.

The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the collection as a whole and its constituent parts. What constitutes a museum's collection? What do its individual items, some of them unique, mean and what relationship do they have to both each other and to the whole? These relationships are highlighted in the installation, juxtaposing works from different periods, disciplines and typologies. Rather than offering a chronological and hierarchical presentation of the collection, and according to a conventional categorization of data, information and, ultimately, knowledge, the installation fosters an alternative to the way we see and interpret objects. By highlighting the diverse range of objects within a space, it creates a network of connections based on contemporary approaches and techniques, such as simultaneity, overlapping and dialogue. Free of any interpretation, the selection of objects opens up numerous possibilities for experience and research.     

The exhibition is not designed to remain static, and will change over time through a series of public events and transformations of the installation itself. The museum's collection will thus be constantly re-thought and complemented with objects from our personal and collective memories.

Curators: Cvetka Požar and Maja Vardjan
Expert Associates: Primož Lampič, Špela Šubic, Bogo Zupančič
Professional assistants: Nika Novak, Maruša Dražil
Exhibition design: Mertelj Vrabič arhitekti
Exhibition set up: Eva Gusel, Nejc Jelovšek, Cvetka Požar, Maja Vardjan, Matic Vrabič
Technical assistance: Špela Habič, Matjaž Rozina, Tadej Golob

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