falkeis2architects: Active Energy Building

11.10.2017 - 22.01.2018

Austrian Cultural Forum New York
11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
Vereinigte Staaten

The exhibition on "falkeis2architects: active energy building" at the ACFNY details the extensive research by the Austrian architects Anton Falkeis & Cornelia Falkeis-°©‐Senn, leading to a truly "active building". The project demonstrates that innovation will be our best strategy in tackling major societal challenges, such as climate change, energy and resource scarcity. Focusing on the recently realized first "Active Energy Building", the exhibition showcases technological innovation as the carrier of societal innovation, and the improvement of the quality of life as the result of an architectural endeavor. The project on show at the ACFNY is a prototype of a new urban and decentralized energy production system providing a more democratic model of energy production as well as energy distribution.


open: MON- FRI, 3pm - 5pm and by appointment