CARBS – Concrete Kinetics

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Three phases of choreographed demonstrations and discussions
Matter Design, Boston with CEMEX Global R&D, Brügg b. Biel

CARBS – Concrete Kinetics is presented as a digital forum consisting of a series of three online events and including introductions from Matter Design, demonstrations from Cemex and discussions at ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin. With Gabriele Brandstetter, Elke Buhr, Roger Bundschuh, Brandon Clifford, Lukas Feireiss, Franka Marlene Foth, Werner Frosch, Kaye Geipel, Alicja Kwade, Rasa Weber, Matthias Wemhoff, Davide Zampini. All events will be live-streamed and also be available as edited videos on the Aedes website from 16 February 2021.

CARBS is a choreographed demonstration of megalithic elements made from concrete. Although weighing between 400 and 1800 kg, the Massive Concrete Masonry Units (MCMUs) are designed to be manipulated by a single person – they sway and roll as they are walked around or joined together like a huge 3D jigsaw puzzle with very little energy. This megalithic process of construction aims to change the energy input from fossil fuels to carbohydrates (CARBS) as humans more intimately facilitate the construction process. Conceptualised, designed and developed by the Boston based firm Matter Design in collaboration with Cemex Global Research & Design (R&D), this poetic and experimental choreography explores the physical potential of human interaction with innovative concrete technology and ancient transportation methods of megalithic structures. CARBS is both a breath-taking demonstration and digital forum about the potentials of physically engaging with mass, material and movement. In a series of recordings the concrete units are presented in three phases: Scatter, Assemble and Split. Each phase includes a recorded demonstration and a discussion on creative research, sustainability, balance, performance and innovation. This online programme manifests the potentials of collaboration between industry and culture, between Matter Design, Cemex Global R&D and Aedes, and underlines the importance of experimental research and transdisciplinary partnership in innovation.

Phase I
Date: Thursday, 4 February 2021, 4.30pm (CET)
Live-stream: Aedes-Facebook

Phase II
Date: Friday, 12 February 2021, 6.pm (CET)
Live-stream: Aedes-Facebook

Phase III
Date: Friday, 26 February 2021, 6.pm (CET)
Live-stream: Aedes-Facebook



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