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Where City And Territory Meet... (c) Martin Grabner

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Crises have influenced the formation of urbanism as a discipline, just as much as they have had effects on the development of different urbanistic movements. The current situation once again has confronted us with the fragility of our built environments - and thereby has evoked calls for a rethinking of the goals and means of urbanism.

In face of immense social and ecological challenges, one can already observe a much-needed change in approach. Ever more projects become increasingly rooted in their wider environment; taking into account ecological systems of resources as well as attempting to tackle issues of equity and social responsibility without being confined to an ecological answer.



16th September

09:00 ‒ 09:15    WELCOME, opening

09:25 ‒ 09:45    KEYNOTE 1  |      Prof. Aglaée Degros  |  The territorial project

10:00 ‒ 10:45    SESSION 1  |     ... at the fringe
        10:00 ‒ 10:30     paper presentations (2 presentations á 15’)
            Ward Verbakel Gardens of Puurs, a village urbanism for Flanders
            Elena Andonova et al. Re-thinking urban edge and growth of the city: skopje’s North-
            East Periurban Fringe
10:30 ‒ 10:45     panel discussion

10:55 ‒ 11:10    SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION 1
            Corné Strootman Painting A Portrait: On The Fringe Of World-Heritage

11:15 ‒ 12:30    SESSION 2   |     ... along the corridor
11:15 ‒ 12:00     paper presentations (3 presentations á 15’)
            Catherine Papst The space between city and suburbia - Suburban connectivity and  its
            local consequences
            Johannes Bernsteiner Boulevard peripherique: from city frontier to metropolitain link
            Raf Ilsbroekx, Maarten van Acker Reconnecting fragmented districts in peripheral
            automotive infrastructure landscapes: the case cité Versailles
12:00 ‒ 12:30    panel discussion

12:30‒ 14:00    LUNCH BREAK

14:00 ‒ 15:15    SESSION 3   |     ... in exchange with actors
        14:00 ‒ 14:45     paper presentations (3 presentations á 15’)
            Lea Soret Landvestors
            Stefan Devoldere The stadsatelier oostende as a pro-active tool for quality in
             urban development
            Sébastien Clement, K. Dupre, How do gardeners influence biodiversity? A tropical case studie
        14:45 ‒ 15:15     panel discussion

15:15 ‒ 15:30    SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION 2
            Jonila Prifti, A. Llubani Questioning the quality of Tirana‘s public spaces
            Elisabeth Oswald et al. Wir & co - a cooperatively and sustainably developed
            residential project

15:45 ‒ 16:45    SESSION 4  |       ... in parametric issues
        15:45 ‒ 16:15     paper presentations (2 presentations á 15’)
            Sramana Mukherjee, S. P. Ray Smart city and disasters: coping with fani in slums of 
            Bhubaneswar, india
            Nina De Jonghe, T. Coppens Quantifying sustainability and quality in urban design
        16:15 ‒ 16:45     panel discussion

16:55‒ 17:15    KEYNOTE 2  |  DI Markus Bogensberger
        Instruments of urban planning illustrated with  styrian examples


17th September

09:00 ‒ 09:10    WELCOME

09:15 ‒ 09:35    KEYNOTE 3  |  Dr. Eva Schwab  
        Sustainability and justice in the territorial project

09:45 ‒ 11:00    SESSION 5  |       ... in spaces of transition
09:45 ‒ 10:30     paper presentations (3 presentations á 15’)
            Ian Gillis Terroir to non-place: defining future food territories
            Tommaso Pietropolli Weak structures for the transition: Horizontality in greater
            Geneva city-territory
            Julio de la Fuente, Natalia Gutiérrez Madrid, new proximities in the productive post-
             industrial city
10:30 ‒ 11:00     panel discussion

11:00 ‒ 11:15    SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION 3
            Sandra Guinand, A. Montalvo Rojo, M. Scherner Exploring “espace vécu “of  new build
            Environment through photovoice interview. The case of donau city in vienna

11:30 ‒ 12:15    SESSION 6  |      ... in spheres of uncertainty
11:30 ‒ 12:00     paper presentations (2 presentations á 15’)
            Beatrice Galimberti Antifragile strategies for implementing design processes in
            uncertain times
            Lilli Lička, Hannes Gröblacher The use of individual Visions for a common goal
12:00 ‒ 12:15     panel discussion 

12:25 ‒ 12:45    KEYNOTE 4  |  Prof. Em. Marcel Smets  |  Contemporary urbanism in view of its modernist legacy

12:50 ‒ 13:30    CLOSING PLENARY  |  Prof. Em. Han Meyer, Prof. Em. Marcel Smets, 
                              Dr. Eva Schwab, DI Markus Bogensberger, Moderator: Prof. Aglaée Degros




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