Green Brush | The Technology of Domestic Plants

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Weyringergasse 27/i
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Saturday 15:00 - 18:00
and by appointment

Green Brush is the first solo exhibition of Some Place Studio, an architectural design studio interested in the production of physical and virtual space. As such, the Green Brush exhibit is both a physical installation and a hybrid five-week event, taking place online as much as in person.

The theme revolves around the juxtaposition between the ever increasing presence of technology in our homes and our desire to reconnect with nature through the use of indoor plants. The exhibit takes the form of a gadget-heavy home with plants sprouting from domestic appliances, creating unlikely sculptural objects. Participants are invited to contribute to and receive from the exhibit through virtual discussion groups and take part in the exhibit’s deconstruction at its closing. 

To participate in the discussion groups interested individuals can sign up through the Green Brush website.

Some Place Studio, founded by Bika Rebek and Daniel Prost, is an architectural studio designing physical and virtual spaces for the public. The practice is defined by an expansive interest in contemporary issues, through the lens of architectural discourse and technology. Specifically, the Studio is interested in questions of sustainability and equity, seeking collaboration, flexibility and diversity in their work, partners and clients.


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