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In our age we are experiencing a rapid growth of new ideas, products and interest groups, lots of them based on pure desire and the joy of life. Many start without any big idea behind but just as a solution to a small daily problem – and end up becoming some of the most revolutionary and productive companies we have in the world. Never before in history have we experienced such fast and prosperous changes from within, and it is pretty obvious that this is just the beginning of a constant and total renewal of the world as we used to know it. In our office we see a visual illustration of this dynamic as an endless space, entirely full of floating ideas. Imagine every idea someone has is automatically flying around in this space, and is searching for similar ideas or attitudes to be connected to or make friends with. If you go on with this image of floating ideas you immediately understand the endless potential of connection and overlapping of ideas. Whether they be coherent or completely different, like in a giant three-dimensional linking matrix, it is possible to overlap, interact, multiply any kind of given idea to form something stronger, something better or something original.



Arch. DI Thomas Pucher

Geboren: 29.05.1969 in Leibnitz / Austria
Studium: Architecture - TU Graz



Gründungsjahr: 2005

Standort: Graz / Austria



Basha Marvi | Berlach Clemens | Czernicka Joanna | Dawiec Pawel | Ebner Josef | Griesbeck Magnus | Hohsner Klaus | Holzinger Stefan | Kowalski Marek | Kozikowski Adrian | Krajger Roman | Krstic Milos | Lackner Pia-Maria | Lamprecht Anna Krystyna | Liu Josephine | Lukic Vlada | Madjanovic Iva | Matitz Eduard | Nagowska Dorotha | Neumaier Markus | O´Brien-Kupfner Crystal | Pietryga Mateuz | Pirker Cornelia | Pomiecinski Wojciech Mikolaj | Poteralski Bartlomiej | Pucher Thomas | Ranegger Erich | Saric Luka-Ante | Saya Matteo | Schmidt Sara | Steinmann Gabriele | Stöffler Johannes | Szammer Peter | Szyjka Damian | Szyjka Katarzyna Dominika | Vossen Philipp | Zach Dominik



The River, Joekaare Tartu, Estonia | 2006
Graz Reininghaus Masterplan, Graz, Austria | 2009-2022
Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall, Warsaw, Poland  | 2010-2020 
Vaikuse AED Academy of Music,
Tallin, Estonia  | 2010-2022
Rondo Viertel Zwei - Living Quarter, Vienna, Austria |  2015-2017
Nikolaiplatz Office Building, Graz, Austria | 2007-2008
Healing Gardens - SALK Hosptial, Salzburg, Austria | 2014-2020
Dortmund Rehabiltation Clinic, Dortmund, Germany | 2014-2017
Reininghaus goes Smart, Graz, Austria 2015 - 2022
Karl Franzes University Library, Graz, Austria |  2016-2020
Green Heart Office Building, Serbia, Belgrade | 2017-2019
Franz Josefs Kai - Apartments, Vienna, Austria | 2017 - 2019


Best Architects 2010
Best Architects 2011
Best Architects 2012
Best Architects 2014

Karl Friedrich Schinkel Prize 
The International UIA Prize for Architects
Fischer von Erlach Prize
Austrian Staatspreis Arckitektur
Iconic Award 2018
Schorsch Award 2018 
Build - Architect of the Year for Austria 2018



Bahnhofgürtel 77/6
8020 Graz

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